Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elder Reed

Nicolas William Reed was born in Chicago, Illinois. Little Nick showed determination since short age an example of it is that one day returning from a trip to Colombia he decided to change his name to Nico as family called him there . Even though he never attended preschool his desire to learn Math was very marked. He was taught Math at a pre-school group run my his mom and her friends. He knew how to add by the time he started kindergarten.
In Morgan Hill Nico became friends with two wonderful neighbor boys and have become practically brothers, Ryan and Martin Perez. These kids spent much time hanging around and playing their favorite thing video games.
Even though Scouts was not one of Nico's favorite things and he didn't always attended, some of the ill fated trips will be forever in his memory and those of his leaders. (He broke his arm once on a biking trip and got food poisoning on his first campout, not pretty!)
He attended seminary faithfully and graduated with perfect attendance, never missed a day even days he was sick as a dog he went, and his parents didn't have to make him attend. He was so excited to attend seminary one day that he woke up at 2 am (got the time wrong) so tired got in the shower, and went and sat in the church parking lot wondering why nobody was there. He realized the time when his parents called him a few minutes later to find out where he went.
Nico loves school, he attended his high school years in a special program through Gavilan College and when he graduated with his high school diploma he also had accumulated 2 years of junior college at the same time.
He attended BYU. He applied just "for his parents" not where he wanted to go. Even though he was accepted to his second (third, fourth and fifth) choice school, Berkley, he still thought the right thing was to go to BYU. There he did his junior and part of his senior year in Math.
Nico loves to work with computers and is good at it. This summer he worked as an intern in San Francisco for a computer company saving money for his mission.
His parents prayed hard for him to serve a Spanish speaking mission, but they are thrilled he is going to South America and learning a language that is almost Spanish.

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