Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The Reed Family
With Grandma and Grandpa Reed
June, Amy, Nico and Martin

Nico, Dominic and Amy

A last awkward hug

Aunt Lori, Uncle Mike, Katie and Nathan

Uncle Sam and the boys

Amy, Martin and Nico

Our family, each so different but yet so especial
What an awesome weekend we just had!!!! We had the visit of most of the Reed family for Nico's farewell. We had a wonderful party to say goodbye to our boy, we called it " Brazilian Blowout"... we had the company of about 100 of our friends, lots and lots of food and some Brazilian music to get in the mood. On Sunday Nico and Ben spoke on Sacrament Meeting and what a great job they did. Their assigned topic was "charity". I could not help but cry through their talks. I am so blessed with such wonderful husband that is the perfect example of charity and love for others and my son that is about to give two years of his life to share the gospel to others in Brazil.

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