Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leaving Home- January 24th 2012

Goodbye to his baby bro and sister

Nico said goodbye to Martin and started his missionary work already, he gave Martin a Book of Mormon and told him. "Dude, I am not going to the middle of the jungle for two years just for fun, this is real. Read the book"

a very nervous smile

Last call to the grandparents

one last text to his friend Martin
I love my boy!

a kiss from his mom and he lost it
I kissed him and reassured him that he is going to be OK!

Our poor boy, that was so hard to see!

heading to security i could see how nervous he was. He blew me kisses from really far!
Saying goodbye is never easy. Our Nico got up and said goodbye to Amy and Domino before they headed out to school. Ben gave  comfort blessings to each one of us, we prayed and hugged. It was so clear to see how difficult it is for Amy to see her brother go for two years, but how blessed we feel for his desire to serve the Lord.
"The day is here", that is all that kept going through my mind. But peace and stillness filled my heart since I woke up. The peace that he is going to be taken care of and that Heavenly Father will make him grow, learn and experience great things in Brazil and bring him back safe to us.
He called grandma and grandpa in Arizona for a quick goodbye and also to Tito and Tita in Chicago.
He texted his Bro at heart Martin, too. I think Martin decided at the last minute not to come to the airport with us because it was going to be really hard for him.
A really good friend of mine told me, Carolina, be strong and show him how happy you are for him to go as that last image of you is going to go with him. I did not cry, I DID NOT CRY and that was TOUGH!!!!!! I kissed him and hugged him and SMILED at him. Ben cried a bit, but soon held it together. Nico on the other hand, showed us a side of him we have never seen. His tender feelings were completely afloat as he said goodbye to us. He said, Mom, it is really hard to go away for two years!!! Tell me about it boy, I am dying inside but I am not letting you see that!
Heavenly Father, as my boy goes away a piece of my heart has been ripped. But the assurance that he is in YOUR hands makes all the difference today for me!

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