Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 1

So a funny story from the very beginning was I was taking a shower my first day. As soon as I got in and turned on the water, I heard someone say ît says dont pee in the shower.. why would someone do that? AS SOON AS he said that I had to go pee sooooooooooo badly. I thought it was halirious.
I found out the two apostle that I shook hands with and then preceeded to fall asleep during their talks were Elder Ballard and Anderson. Everyone told us we were lucky to arrive in time, but I was so jet lagged and hadnt slept in 20+ hours that I didnt know why I was lucky.
We work so hard at the CTM, I mean Ive never worked so hard in my life.. its strangely good. From when we wake up to go to sleep, we are either practicing portuguese or talking about how to teach the gospel. thats like 16 hours of work. Unfortunately it dilates the time soo badly. So I feel like Ive been here for about 2 months... and it hasnt been a week. The best part about the CTM is that when we eat we sit next to Brazilians whose English is as bad as our Portuguese, if you wanna see something funny... thats the thing to watch. But we learn so fast because of it. Like I remember our first lesson we taught, I actually started cracking up because he answered the question how are you? and it was a simple reply about day to day stuff... and I didnt understand a word he said.
I love our teachers. They are the most sincere and loving people I have ever met. Their english is broken in random ways but it doesnt even matter, I love it when they talk!
Portuguese is sooooo close to Spanish, so whenever I speak portuguese and get stuck, I just speak spanish and 90% of the time I get it. Its awesome, sadly everything thinks I know what Im doing though. And mother you thought I wouldnt practice my spanish. There is a pack of haspanic elders down here and Ive been talking to them in Spanish and its been fun because I actually know what I am saying for once.
The group of people I am working with to learn portuguese with were all on the same plane from dallas to são paolo. It is super cool. Everyone is different so we have all the different personalities. Thankfully we have a guy that has a similar dry sarcasm that I do, so everytime he says something, I usually smile.
Last night, the toliets all backed up. So all 6 floors smelled.... terrible. Thankfully the smell wasnt in our room. On a related point, the food here kills your stomach! Two different meats every meal, if you dont speak portuguese, you have to take both because yuo dont know how to ask for only one of them.
But I am having fun and these have been some of the most spiritually fulfilling days! I need to learn this keyboard better! Next letter will be longer, but not enough time!
- Elder Reed
I miss and love you guys, mommy daddy amy dominic!

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