Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 2

I dont actually eat that much beans and rice. They are in the serve yourself section and the core part of the meal that you dont serve is usually enough for me. Lunch and dinner both have two pieces of meat, usuallly of different types. Breakfast is my favorite meal, because I can just eat a weird kind of oatmeal that actually tastes pretty good. I eat a lot of bread. The fruit juice is awesome, so thats what I eat all the time.
The guy standing next to me isnt my campanion. I can't remember where he is in the photo, but the guy next to me is *Elder Hendrickson (the brazilians cant say his name at all).
Well, I have been having lots of fun lately. My greatest trait getting hurt is happening a lot out here. I have visited the doctor about 5 days in a row, with different symptoms every day. I had about a .5" blister on my leg from a bug bite. I TWISTED MY ANKLE! When the doctor told me that, I was wondering if he was kidding, because I do the least out of everyone in my group. I run the minimum amount of laps and then sit around all of gym time. So when everyone heard that, they lost it. But me and the doctor are cool now, we are on a last name basis, nbd.
I havent seen any colombians, they are like 10 haspanic elders and they are all from argentina, bolivia and chile.
I love my district. We got split but all of us are still really cool with each other. In my room we were about to go to sleep so I asked "everyone ready for lights out?" and one guy who was finishing reading the Missionary Handbook (the rule book) goes "hold on, one more page" I responded "a bit ironic to break the rules to finish reading the Missionary Handbook." Then the guys companion which I had never heard laugh before, started cracking up and probably didnt stop for about 5 minutes. It was awesome.
Portuguese is easy. Basically, I just speak spanish, but turn all the double Rs and Rs in the beginning of the sentence into a H. All the DI and TIs into CHE. The DE and TE at the end of words into CHE. The J makes the english J sound.
The MTC guys are so strict and they got mad at me for something.. i have no idea, so i had to move computers. But really I just speak spanish with a weird accent and I get by most of the time.
Something that is nice is we finally got a second sister in our group. The problem is all the guys are so respectful to the sister that if you only have one, she can walk all over the guys. So now we have a second one and they keep eachother in check, so now classes are slightly more sane. (sometimes the sister would make the lessons go in a very weird direction because she would wonder how to say a English idiom in portuguese)
The funniest part is to see all the american elders learn how terrible English is. They are learning what congujation is and what tenses are. And how teeth should be tooths. Its halirious. Or how read can be pronounced I read a book yesterday and Im going to read a book.
Well Im working hard and following all the rules, I would attach photos but they dont give us enough time. A minute of our time disappears into the loading screen of IE 0.5. 
Love you all!

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